I work with people who value wise technical choices. Let me make the choices for you.

Tech: Typescript, React, Node, Graphql, Next, Nest, Git, Bash, AWS, Linux, Docker, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Python.

  • What is a senior engineer?
  • Talk is cheap, show me the-code.
  • Engineering challenges I've had to solve.
  • See my technical and team views.
  • A quick engineering guide I made for one of my teams.
  • StackOverflow questions and answers.
  • See a sample of what I read.
  • Quotations About Software Design
  • My very old(2014-2016) game dev forum account. You need a forum registraton to view it.

If you value:

  • Thoughtful devs that genuinely love their craft who don't just copy-paste stuff until it works
  • Devs that go the extra mile because it's who they are. Because it's painful not to
  • Not having to worry if your devs are slacking
  • Knowing that your dev team is better than average

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