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Last update: 18 July 2021


Psychological trauma. What does it feel like?

Last update: 10 January 2022


Imagine the feeling before going into a fight. Imagine it well. Feel it well. Now imagine a part of every day where you experience that feeling on a minute-to-minute basis.

Or imagine having it on an Read more

Print more money, buy more bitcoin, why not?

Last update: 30 December 2021


Answer 1

I think this is a fair question to ask, first off if the IMF did this it would have to be done privately because if the public found out about it then they would start doing the same thin Read more

The paradox of courage, by GK Chesterton

Last update: 30 December 2021


A soldier surrounded by enemies, if he is to cut his way out, needs to combine a strong desire for living with a strange carelessness about dying. He must not merely cling to life, for then he will be Read more

The Tyranny of Structurelessness, an essay by Jo Freeman

Last update: 22 December 2021


During the years in which the women's liberation movement has been taking shape, a great emphasis has been placed on what are called leaderless, structureless groups as the main form of the movement. Read more

Интензитета, заряда и фокуса на някои хора им позволява да изживеят 10 години за 1 година

Last update: 10 December 2021


Интензитета, заряда и фокуса на някои хора им позволява да изживеят 10 години за 1 година.

Мнозинството никога няма да разберем дълбочината зад това изказване. Едно е да се разбере на ниво логика, Read more


Last update: 6 December 2021


The number is high because I rarely read books from cover to cover. I try to find good summaries and reviews and only if I don't, then I skim the book. If I find the skimming a little too engaging, th Read more


Last update: 6 December 2021


Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to relax. - David Allen

**If a young man gets married, starts a family, and spends the rest of his life working at a so Read more

Fix Photoshop (2015) high DPI scaling issue (windows10)

Last update: 5 December 2021


In Photoshop, when you go to Preferences > Interface > Text > UI Scaling, there are options "Auto", "100%", and "200%". 200% is too large, auto = 100%. Without the settings below, auto and 100% are wa Read more

Half unconscious half the day

Last update: 5 December 2021


Food puts me to sleep. I am able to think shallowly but that's it. That's half the day. All the days. For 5+ years. Even when fasting for 16h and more. It's still better when fasting but when I eat, t Read more

Ако умеехме да сме открити - объркан съм, преструвам се, че живота ми е добре

Last update: 29 November 2021


Ако умеехме да сме открити един с друг "объркан съм; преструвам се че живота ми е добре; не знам къде се намирам; живота ми не върви както си го представям; не се справям добре с Х; затрудявам се с У; Read more

People who play the TV in the background

Last update: 25 July 2021


It's one of the biggest mysteries for me. How can you possibly do this and really focus on something else. How can your brain block out the words so well to be able to focus entirely on something else Read more

People with functional families will never understand

Last update: 25 July 2021


The whole wiring of your brain is messed up. You have a concept of what a loving, stable, and supportive family should be like but it's just a concept in your head. The experience, the feeling is not Read more

How much of your thinking would be the same if you were in a concentration camp/gulag?

Last update: 25 July 2021


As someone very curious about suffering, believing I've had a good deal of it, I like to believe that most of my thinking would not change a single bit if I had to go through a concentration camp or a Read more

Disciplined or bored with all that used to be interesting?

Last update: 25 July 2021


Have I really become more disciplined? I'm definitely trying to remove distractions. But there is something I haven't seen anyone talking about that I think is crucial. With time we just lose interest Read more

The small relapses before the big one

Last update: 25 July 2021


It's hard not to notice the big relapse. It's hard to notice the small ones that lead to the big one. Let's use semen retention for example.

So one day, for some reason, you just, boom, relapse from Read more

When a man cannot find pleasure, he distracts himself with meaning

Last update: 25 July 2021


Or the reason I made it, intuitively, difficult for myself to go out. In case you need a refresh about Viktor Frankl, the author of ["Man's search for me Read more

Solve suffering. What does it mean in reality?

Last update: 24 July 2021


Discipline fans will say that most people's suffering comes from a lack of discipline.

Only fans will say it's because the simps don't pay more.

Eckhart Tolle's fans will say to sit on a bench for a Read more

Privileged and lucky vs self-made. Where do we draw the line?

Last update: 20 July 2021


Daily life is too hurried to draw any lines. But if we stopped to think about privilege and hard/smart work the waters get muddy, quickly. To make an estimate, a reasonable way, though not flawless, w Read more

How some people debate

Last update: 20 July 2021


Step 1: Interpret the opposing thesis the worst way possible.

Step 2: Make sure you don't ask if you've explained their thesis correctly. This way you'll be sure to make a more powerful strik Read more

Bad relationships still require work. Don't compromise

Last update: 19 July 2021


"The relationship is bad, therefore I can maintain it with less work." That's usually a sneaky fallacy. Bad relationships cost thinking capital(TC) even when I'm away from them. My conclusion is that Read more

People who say perfectionism is bad usually suck at their craft

Last update: 19 July 2021


GTD(getting things done) quickly is their best quality. The "how" is a low priority. So are the quality and the originality. And that's not a bad thing. Honestly, I'm often jealous.

There are a few p Read more

Is Jocko Willink more discipined than Zen Ventzi?

Last update: 19 July 2021

personaldisciplinejocko willink

Definitely yes. Should I even be questioning that? Probably not. Should I be contemplating suicide for days? Probably not. Does telling myself I'm not disciplined enough make me more disciplined? Some Read more