Disciplined or bored with all that used to be interesting?

25 July 2021


Have I really become more disciplined? I'm definitely trying to remove distractions. But there is something I haven't seen anyone talking about that I think is crucial. With time we just lose interest in what used to be fascinating to watch or read. Although I still try to not go on youtube and spend my whole day there, I'd say it's way, way, way easier than it used to be. Mostly because I don't find things so interesting anymore. But on the outside, I can preach that I've become more disciplined.

This makes me think that we should try to become more disinterested rather than just trying to be more disciplined. The first takes a little more time upfront, questioning yourself a bit, the latter takes more time and effort "runtime". Curiosity killed de cat. A genuine lack of interest is easier than trying to suppress every urge to consume. Easier said than done, I know.

I also probably wouldn't share this with someone younger. E.g. myself 5 years ago. Although now I can be fine without consuming much of the information I used to, I think I'd have been a little deprived if I haven't done it at least for a year or two in the past. It has helped me build my own opinions based on a lot of points of view. See a lot of different people with different beliefs, characters, flaws, and whatnot. Now it's very difficult to be caught off-guard on any topic.

Bottom line is that it's really questionable if anyone is more disciplined than before. There are people who are genuinely disinterested in a lot and only curious about just a few topics. Which kind of is the definition of discipline.