How some people debate

20 July 2021


Step 1: Interpret the opposing thesis the worst way possible.

Step 2: Make sure you don't ask if you've explained their thesis correctly. This way you'll be sure to make a more powerful strike.

Step 3: Double-check if your opponent has their way with words. If they do, they might point out how manipulative your statement is. And do it with finesse. And if they don't, now you can try extra hard to misinterpret their message because you're sure they can't fight back.

Step 4: Profit.

Step 5: Realize(or not) that you're playing dirty and be fine with it. Or use your sharp debating skill to show that it's actually the other who is being unreasonable.

Not every debate has it that obvious but that's the framework I've noticed some people use in their daily lives. And truth is, it works. Extra points if the offender is charismatic and very calm. Then they're pretty much unstoppable. Making sense with them makes no sense.