Advice for junior(ish) software engineers

28 July 2022


One of the most important talents for a programmer to have is the ability to skim and build a big/general/vague picture of the whole core concept(s). The next step is to find some way to make that big picture relatable to your overall programming big picture. Like learning another character in your favorite video-game or movie franchise, it is 100% more memorable and useful information (even though your understanding is vague) because you can PUT IT IN CONTEXT rather than it just being some new idea floating in space that won't connect to anything for months because you're following a linear "do js then do sql... etc." pathway.

Skim everything, get the most hilariously vague understanding of what's what. Drill down when and where you need the specific domain knowledge.

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The "ish" after junior is from me, because it sometimes depends on the personality. Some people do much better depth-first-seearch, i.e. jumping into some project and just do-do-do, while others prefer to not jump deep into anything and rather do a breadth-first-search. That is not to say one is always better than the other.