People who play the TV in the background

25 July 2021


It's one of the biggest mysteries for me. How can you possibly do this and really focus on something else. How can your brain block out the words so well to be able to focus entirely on something else. I don't think it has 0 effects, I guess it still goes into the subconscious in some way but the fact that they are able to just zone out and focus on X fascinates me.

This just goes to prove how different our brains are wired. With me, if there is a "TV" or anyone speaking around me, my attention goes at least halfway to that person. And if I consider what they're talking about stupid things that just hearing it is making me stupid, I can't help but pay even more attention as if something bad can penetrate my brain and influence me. As if my brain is deeply scared that I might miss some crucial information that might lead to something terrible.

I mean being severely punished for zoning out when being a child must have had some effect. But that much and for the rest of my life? That's "interesting".