The brutality of torture during slavery

7 February 2021


Whipping was interrupted in order to pass a piece of hot

wood on the buttocks of the victim.

Salt, pepper, citron, cinders, aloes and

hot ashes were poured into bleeding wounds.

It's not to heal them, this is to make it worse.

Mutilations were common.

Limbs, ears, and sometimes private parts, to deprive them

of the pleasures which they could indulge without expense.

Their masters poured burning wax on their arms and

hands and shoulders.

Emptied the boiling cane sugar over their heads,

burning them alive.

Roasted them on slow fires, filled them with gunpowder and

blew them up with a match.

Buried them up to their necks and

smeared their heads with sugar,

that the flies might devour them.

Fastened them to the nests of ants or wasps.

And made them eat their excrement, drink their urine,

lick saliva of other slaves.

One colonist was known in moments of anger to throw

himself onto slaves, and stick his teeth into their flesh.

So that's the slavery that he grew up in.

  • Toussaint Louverture in his writings on slavery

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