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9 December 2022


"Do your best but thinking that your life is better than smb else's because of your own doing is arrogant"

"Critics are like RAM, doers are like CPUs | doers without critics solve the wrong problems"

"I confused being rigid for being tough for too long. It is difficult to choose what to be rigid about"

"Do criticizing fasts, (no criticizing people)"

"Make judgments to navigate life, not to judge people"

"Non-violent communication for the tough guys"

"Love everyone but some people need to be loved from a distance"

"Mean people = hurt people, in pain, who don't know how/where to get help"

"Can you imagine a mean person coming from a warm, caring and sensitive environment? I can't. Help them, or stand up to them. Fight back when necessary. But thinking that you would have done better having their past is arrogant."