Psychological trauma. What does it feel like?

10 January 2022


Imagine the feeling before going into a fight. Imagine it well. Feel it well. Now imagine a part of every day where you experience that feeling on a minute-to-minute basis.

Or imagine having it on an hourly basis but to be painful and intense enough, where it is able to spin your thoughts/vibe in the wrong direction for just enough time before the next hit comes.

Now imagine the added benefit of knowing that most of your surroundings don't understand, can't understand. Becuase it can't be "understood". It needs to be experienced. To understand it is to experience it. It's unrealistic to expect others to want to experience it. Just like it's unrealistic for yourself to want to truly experience homelessness or some other serious issues. Even if you set yourself up for experiencing homelessness, you still know, that after a certain period of the experience, you can go back to your normal life. So the experience can't be easily understood, even for those of us who really want to.

It can be understood Enough, though. A small scale "solution" that I can propose, at the individual level, is to try to keep in mind, that the inner experience of somebody could be hell-ishly more different than the outer experience. This simple reminder should suffice. If you strongly desire a solution - look within for answers. Chances are that if you haven't experienced the pain, or nobody close to you has, you aren't really looking for a solution. And I don't blame you. And if you have experienced the pain, chances are you're already looking within.

As for the big-scale solutuion, that's more than I can handle in a post maybe even a lifetime.

An important note is to keep in mind that there are psychopaths, narcissists that are always on the look to exploit empaths. Meaning that you should also be on the look for people who are just pretending to be in pain, in order to acheive something.